Henry Oyuela

Henry Oyuela

VP of Connective Platforms and Infrastructure, Kin + Carta
Kin + Carta

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Henry Oyuela is an empathetic technical leader and the VP of Engineering at Solstice. Henry’s role involves serving and inspiring technical personnel, technical strategy, technical leadership, and program management of engineering execution. Henry lead the design of Solstice’s Network vs Hierarchical organizational structure in late 2017, defined the Solstice’s engineering delivery model within CXDD, lead the scaling of the engineering workforce by 40% since 2017 globally and evolved the engineering workforce to being full-stack capable to 70% of the workforce. Currently, he is looking to continue to evolve the delivery model to include DevOps as part of Solstice’s Delivery Model, scale the Data and AI talent capability, while finding ways to make a social impact through events hosted by the organization’s. Henry is a leader who strongly believes in the value of hard work, humility, empathy, continuous learning, and growing those around him. Learning often and fast is his mantra, and he realizes that we learn mostly when we fail. His ultimate motivation is the impact he gets to make in helping create the best place to work at Solstice while helping the organization adopt and scale innovative capabilities. When Henry isn't working to help grow the organization at Solstice, he is at home helping grow his two lovely daughters. He works hard, but he plays hard as well on the soccer field with friends scoring goals as he as done sense a child growing up. A believer of how life is ultimately the best university and when you follow your passion and do what you love, you never work a day in your life.

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