Omar Shanti

Omar Shanti

Technical Consultant & Labs Lead
Kin + Carta

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Omar Shanti is the Kin + Carta Americas Labs Lead. He joined Solstice in 2018 after graduating from Northwestern University & almost immediately pitched & organized a team to build Solstice Coin - a P2P Blockchain-based Digital Rewards & Recognition platform - which he served as the Tech-Lead & Architect. The app hit >20k transactions in its first year. Omar followed this up by playing the same role on FWDCoin - a Blockchain-based data-marketplace that incentivizes feedback sharing in a conference setting through charity donations. By the end of the event, attendees provided hundreds of data-points and raised $5k of donations to their selected charities. Beyond Blockchain, Omar is a Full-Stack Web Developer trained in AI & ML. He is currently on a team building a comprehensive Chatbot solution to alleviate the call-center traffic brought on by COVID.

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